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Good morning to everyone. I got to sleep in til 7am today with just one wakeup from baby A at 5am. Woohoo. Now off to make my usual green smoothie and some french toast after a quick tracy anderson arm workout.

Green Smoothie

Big chunk of cucumber (I use 1 persian cucumber unpeeled)

1/2 in peeled chunk of ginger

3/4 unpeeled apple (give other 1/4 to kids)

one stalk of celery

squeeze of half an orange

handful of parsley

Add enough water to get everything mixing in the blender and whirl it up. It’s kind of gross I won’t lie but the benefits are amazing-instant energy and clarity.


Chunky! Also you get a good look at my grandma’s ancient Osterizer which I inherited and works like a dream.


Love this stuff


Instant skin brightening and smoothing and plumping and I even like the smell.



20 min Turbokick

Jillian Michaels Yoga

10 min Lower body exercise- work that butt

10 min-upper body- physique 57 weights and bear and crab crawls

Breakfast: Iced Coffee and Oatmeal Mush

Oatmeal Mush recipe (it’s not something you want to take a picture of but it’s delicious and so filling)

-1/2 Banana

-2tb Almond Butter

-1-2 Tb maple syrup ( omit if you like, I like mine tooth-achingly sweet)

-1/2 cup dry oatmeal

-1/4 cup raspberries (I look into each and every one before I add it to the bowl because one time I was about to eat a raspberry and happened to find a tiny worm inside it. It was kind of curled up all cozy and cute inside. But dead. And not tasty I’m sure)

Mush up the banana and almond butter and maple syrup with a fork until nicely mixed. Add dry oatmeal and stir around to moisten it. Add raspberries and mush em up too. Stick in the microwave for 2-3 minutes. Stir it up and pop it back in for another 1-2 minutes. It should be kind of dried out and crumbly. I top mine with some chocolate chips. This recipe is good for those days you can’t stand the thought of thick gloppy oatmeal. this is an oatmeal dish you can eat with a fork.

Today’s Plans

Need to pick up a book at the library which I will read and write about later. It is “Hold on to your kids : why parents need to matter more than peers” by Gordon neufeld. I navigated my way to it’s recommendation after trying to find a good advice book for unruly and contrary children. I have no idea if it applies to the toddler set. I hope so as my 4 year old is getting out of control lately. I can’t count the number of times a day he calls me a “stupid jerk”.

Need to get more baby food from the grocery store and also some woolite to rinse out my cute chiffon plaid blouse thing from Old Navy. Annika (nearly 10 months) loves the Apples and Chicken blend and also anything sweet potato related-fries, mashed, raw (well probably not raw).



Sometime today between 10 and 2 we are getting our new vinyl floors delivered. Yup vinyl floors. Sound kind of tacky no? But since our water pipes burst and flood our living room on a biyearly basis we needed something that would hold up to the deluge. I will take some before during and after pictures of the construction process. My husband the handyman is going to be doing the work himself, Thanks Honey! I am so excited. We currently have white tile throughout the living room. White friggin tile. ugh.


Marion Cotillard Perfection

I love all of this.



Breastfeeding Post

Not much to say here except that Lanolin will stain all of your clothes. And forever. Damn Lanolin.


This morning the little lamb woke up at 4am and then slept til 6:30. That means I got to sleep in! At 6:30 got the routine in motion-a change and bottle for baby, and time for my short a.m. workout.

I’m currently trying out the “eat in an 8 hour block, and do a short cardio sessio”n in the morning before you eat breakfast. I think it might just be called the 8 hour diet?? Sounds right. I haven’t done any research into it or anything remotely intelligent as that, just read a short blurb about it (in O magazine I think? god help me) and decided “heck I’m bored with this day-long eating business, let’s stop eating midday and go to bed starving”. I like to challenge myself in stupid ways.

Morning Workout:

15 min Plyometrics including skaters, jumping jacks, running in place, high knees, kicking and shuffles, and Pushup/Plank Drills


Iced coffee with almond milk and big a** bowl of oatmeal with raspberries, choc chips, ground flaxseed, maple syrup and brown sugar. It was a big bowl of sugar I am not going to lie.

It’s raining here in Orange County, which some days means a walk outside and puddle jumping, but today meant a lot of tv for the boy until mid morning, then a trip to PRETEND CITY! My little girl (10 months almost) is just getting to be the perfect age for this place, and my boy (almost 4) is now old enough to do stuff on his own. we have a year long membership which is almost expired and they raised the prices for yearlong membership quite a bit so I’m not sure if we’ll be able to remain members, but the place is really great for the under-5 set.


Afternoon-grandma showed up to babysit which was going to mean an upstairs treadmill run for me, but the little guy had other ideas and kept whining and crying his way into the bedroom.The solution was to grab my zune (hate that thing) and head out for a mildly wet trail run. best idea ever.

Rest of day plans include a trip to dave and busters at the irvine spectrum for a wild and crazy toddler birthday party, with hopefully a few pints for mom and dad.

Tomorrow morning rumbling belly workout-20 min long improv’d turbo kick workout on you tube. I lost my gym membership in december and I miss my turbo kick at 24 hour fitness! Especially Debra and Turbo Andrea in Orange County- GREAT INSTRUCTORS!!